Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Coliwo will retain all information provided during booking. By making a booking with Coliwo , you authorize Coliwo to use the information for business purposes to the following parties : Franchisees, Branches, Promotional Partners, Tie-up Partners, Technological Partners and any other partner who is involved in assisting us in providing/extending our services. Your personal details are absolutely safe with us and we will use it only for the following purposes :

  • To process and confirm your booking.
  • To provide you with customer support.
  • To send you promotional offers, newsletters, campaign activation emails, confirmation emails during bookings and customer feedback forms. If you do not wish to receive our promotional emails, you may hit the ‘Unsubscribe’ button.
  • Coliwo Hostel would disclose your personal information only if obliged by lawful enforcement by either the government or other law enforcement agencies. We would do so only with the proper paperwork from the court. This has never happened before; if it does happen in the future, we’ll go to all ends to make sure that the information is used in an ethical way and will inform you about it.

Credit/Debit Card Data

Coliwo asks for your credit/debit card details (incl. Card Number, Expiry Date and CVV) in order to confirm and guarantee your booking. The card details will be encrypted into our payment gateway’s (Airpay) database and we assure you that your data is safe. We will not use your card data for any purpose other than confirming your booking. Your amount will be debited only if you do not follow our cancellation policy.

Cookie Policy

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  • For faster site performance during repeated visits.
  • To gather data/information for analyzing website statistics and performance so that we can improve the user experience.
  • To maintain your session during the booking process.

You may choose to disable cooking from your browser by changing the browser settings, although we recommend enabling cookies for better browsing experience.